GSoC Report 3

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I was not able to visit GUADEC this year :’(

But hey, suhas2go got me some goodies, so kudos to him!

PS: Suhas I'm not paying you back for the tees

Gamepad mappings code got pushed after going through many review iterations. Here’s a demo that I would have given, had I came to the conference.


  • Show a list of controllers
  • Show the current configurations of the gamepads.
    It's so fun pressing random buttons on the controller and seeing the svg light up :P
  • And finally remap them with this immersive UI
    Well it's hard to show here, but I remapped my buttons to triggers and vice versa (for an amazing Tekken 3 experience).

    In any case, if the users mess up, they can reset back to default mappings.


  • Remapping the gamepad is a lengthy task, hence we plan on providing quick configurations for some common gamepads. As an example we could have a simple button swapper.
Thanks Garett for the quick designs!
  • Adrien suggests that we should ask the users if they want to share their gamepad mappings online so that we can enhance the database.