Internship Projects

  • GNOME Games
    Gtk, Vala

    Adding Gamepad and Keyboard Configuration to Games.

  • Olitec-SCS
    C#, .NET

    A library to encode/decode sim EF data files.

My Projects

  • Easy-Settings
    Python, Gtk

    A simple to use python library to create gui and backend for preferences.
    Creating preferences is time consuming and often very repetitive, this library does the work for you and in very few steps!

  • EventLock : Xposed repo
    Java, Android

    An Xposed module to show your calendar events on the lockscreen.
    After Kitkat, the lockscreen widgets were disabled and so calendar widget can’t be put on the lockscreen.

  • Karya
    Python, Gtk3+, GObject, LibPeas

    The aim is to control everything using voice commands or hand gestures and render keyboards and mice useless.

  • Core-Attack : Download link

    C#, Unity

    A third person shooter game.

  • Fristrange
    C#, .NET, UWP, Facebook API

    Create, share and attend events.
    A social app for Windows 10 Universal Platform. Unfortunately, it had to be abandoned due to shutdown of Parse service.

  • Random Scripts
    JavaScript, iMacros
    • TrueCaller : Check phone numbers on truecaller and take the screenshots of the details.
    • Facebook Anti Group Spammer : Deletes posts that are shared (not original).
    • Android N namer : Reapeatedly suggest Neyyappam for Android N naming.

University Course Projects

IITG’s B.Tech. curriculum involves some project based courses. Some of the completed projects are listed here.

  • Dict’O’nator
    Python, Gedit API, Speech Recognition

    A dictation plugin for gedit (the GNOME text editor).

  • IITG-Search
    PHP, Python, Scrapy, Whoosh

    A search engine for intranet.

  • Media-Fox
    PHP, JavaScript

    A file sharing website for intranet.

  • brobash
    C, linux system calls

    Implementation of shell (supports multiple piping and redirections).

  • PALLS-8085
    Python, Assembly 8085

    A basic implementation of pre-processor, assembler, linker, loader and simulator.
    Converts a subset of C language to 8085 assembly language.