GNOME is in the air

1 minute read

“This year has been extra-code-inary for me!”

It all started when I saw my friend Suhas contributing to Picard for Google Summer of Code. Out of sheer curiosity I began to contribute to GNOME. I chose Music since I had some experience1 with GTK in python.

I also aimed to get GSoC but this is life, it can’t be that easy…

It turned out that Music was not going to participate in GSoC 2017 because Marinus Schraal, its maintainer was busy this summers.

The rescue

I looked into Games. I was mesmerised by the code’s beauty! With the help of its awesome maintainer Adrien Plazas I was able to quickly adapt and start hacking. I began to solve and find bugs with full speed, and as a reward Adrien and Marinus recommended me for a developer access. I got a email-id and the power (+responsibity) to push my patches to any GNOME project! This had to be the greatest news ever but…

I even got selected for GSoC. I am so happy that I applied in GNOME! I had been using the applications and libraries for so long, I can finally give back to the community which gave us the most beautiful desktop environment ever :D

My project is to add Gamepad and Keyboard Configuration to Games. I am looking forward to an interesting summer. I will certainly learn a lot!